Welcome to SoftGate: The Glassey Story. The Softgate is the home of the largest and ongoing Intellectual Property Fraud in the History of the the World. One pertaining to the creation of the first really key LBS (Location Based Services) Patents and their theft.  Sound crazy? Read on… This website talks about how it has affected my personal life, how it was used to hurt and control me, and “who” did it.

What is SOFTGATE? We allege its a criminal fraud run mostly by the US and British Governments but with help from other Entities including various Intelligence Community participants “pertaining to two patents (US6370629 and US6393126). Patents today which control virtually all computing, its global banking operations, mobile devices and their surveillance, and especially *** all *** of the smart weapons like Cruise Missiles, Anti-Missile Systems and Drones on Earth”.

As just one of its effects: One patent fraud undid 500 years worth of work by Rothschild’s and other banking Families in capturing the world. See also the Saudi Brief on illegal uses in Yemen as well as the accompanying brief

These are them, the seven Tigers. All illegally filed instances of US6370629 which were abandoned creating an antitrust nightmare for law enforcement globally. Filing Dates

(PATENT FILINGS: Family filing from EPA, AU, BR, CA, EU, KO, JP, & ZA full list of Derivative filings).

As just one example – these are all criminal frauds the US Government and British Government covered up. See the EP0997808A3 patent filing, its a fraud, and its abandonment makes NATO incapable of operating today. Think it through, it should be pretty obvious how the  SOFTGATE Global Intellectual Property fraud matters pertaining to illegal uses of US6370629 control NATO and arms using US6370629 in Rome Statute Nations fully.

As to me personally, I have a unique life history and story which is so amazing, most people look at it and claim “Fake”.  Others consider me a very serious Intelligence-Sector Problem.

It all stems

  • from my training as a teenager at the Stanford AI Lab,
  • through my creating Location Based Services which are a part of every software today,
  • through 9/11 and the cover-ups therein,
  • and today to a global effort to recover and properly enforce licensing from the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling, which the US and other Governments are actively involved in Treaty frauds to stop me from accomplishing are all tied together.

All because of those governments frauds in creating the SoftGate: the cover-ups of the theft of US6370629 and their complicity in that fraud.

This then is SoftGate: my personal Website, and my Blog & Posting area.